How to Stop the Yo-Yo, on Again, Off Again Diet and Exercise Regime

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For years, our lives revolved around diets and gym sessions, always chasing the number on the scale. Our New Years resolutions? Lose those next 5 kilos.

It wasn't about health; it was about that daily weigh-in.

This obsession consumed our minds, leaving no room for joy. Our actions might have seemed "healthy", but the intentions were toxic.

We exercised and dieted because we hated what we looked like.

And the endless cycle of losing and gaining weight? It never brought happiness.

But here's the good news: we found a way out, a real solution. This simple yet transformative approach is exactly what we'll be sharing in our upcoming free online event.

Join us to redefine health and find lasting contentment.

If you’re new to the world of MerryBody, if you’ve never heard of the Australian Sisters, Emma and Carla. We’ll let their community members do the talking…

“They’ve given me more motivation to exercise. I was turned off Pilates before because I didn't know how to do it, but these classes explained it in a way that made sense to me. Emma and Carla keep it so light and friendly so it feels supportive like you're working out with friends. My daughter even started doing Pilates and Yoga with me, so now we have this lovely thing we share that we never did before.” - Jennifer

In just 45 minutes, you’ll learn new techniques that you can apply right away to quickly improve your health...

"MerryBody is unlike any other online exercise community (I've tried a few!). It's a nourishing practice that focuses on your whole wellbeing and Carla & Emma are filled with such light, kindness, and generosity of spirit. MerryBody is more than just the physical exercise, it's a way of life, it's moving your body with love and acceptance instead of punishment and hate. It's changed my life for the better, I would guarantee to anyone that they wouldn't regret trying it out!" - Allie

October 26th
12:15 pm AEST